Creating Effective Parent/Teacher Partnerships

Every school we’ve trained with has discussed the need to have effective partnerships with parents and other caregivers, yet they sometimes fall short on making those partnerships successful.   The National Education Association just conducted its annual parent/teacher survey which presented a broad picture of these relationships across the country.  Turns out parents think most teachers are pretty great, giving them an overall “A” grade for their work together. Teachers grading parents came in a little lower at a “B.”  What are the greatest challenges to effective partnerships and what are their solutions? Check out the handy chart we made from the NEA’s Back 2 School  Twitter Chat on the topic that includes links to best practices implemented by schools across the country.




Parental misunderstanding of child’s challenges  Infinite Campus Parent Portal
Parents feel shut out and not given opportunity to offer input Community conversations
Teachers feel parents should do more at home to reinforce learning Parent-teacher teams
Teachers feel parents don’t take their opinions seriously Parent Teacher Home Visit Project
Parents feel teachers don’t hold enough meetings with them Go beyond formal meetings


Two more useful resources for building family-school-community partnerships can be found here and here.

And don’t forget, Prevention Educators can help your school or parent organization facilitate these important conversations.

Do these challenges seem familiar? Are the solutions realistic in your school or community? We’d love your comments, ideas, and concerns to keep the conversation going as we return to classes. Best wishes for a great school year!


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